Archaeological site


Approaching the Olympia archeological site before you reach you will cross a bridge over the Cladeus river.

The riverbed remains dry for the most of the year now but in the ancient times it was one of Olympiads vital river. You enter the sanctuary on the north site and proceed along the length of Gymnasium which has not yet been uncovered in its entirety.

The southeast section of the site that contained the Hipodroome has been washed away by the waters of the Alpheus river. Excavation began to Olympia in the 19th century, but continue to the day. Olympia Greece was the site of the ancient Olympic Games, which were celebrated every four years by the Greeks. Olympia was situated in a valley in western Peloponnese through which run the Alpheios River.

The most celebrated temple was the Temple of Zeus dedicated to the father of gods. Even today every 4 years the Olympic flame always starts from the place of birth of the Olympic Games.

In 2004 the ancient stadium of Olympia relived its former glory since it hosted the shot put event of the Athens Olympic Games. The stadium racetrack is 192 metres on the foot of Mount Kronios.

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