Katakolon – Epikourios Apollon Tour


This tour is the alternative tour for the visitors that have already visited Olympia. 

The main archaelogical site to be visited is the Temple of Epikourios Appolon. It was built somewhere around 400-450 BC. The temple was dedicated to Apollon god and it is was designed by Iktinos who was the architect of Parthenon. Temple of Apollo was one of the most famous temple of Ancient Greece and is located South-East of Katakolon port – 90 km’s away.

Next spot to be visited is Andritsaina village. Andritsaina village is located in the mountains and is a rural small traditional village. What is a must do in this village is have a coffee at the central square of the village and enjoy the view and nature.

Magna Grecia winery will contain wine tasting and facilities tour. Some valuable information will be provided also on Olive oil production.


  • The meeting and drop off point will be outside the pier’s gate, some meters away from the embarkation area of your ship
  • The car will be waiting for you at the meeting point with a voucher written with your name placed on the car’s windscreen
  • The tour contains the following visits:

Epikourios Apollon temple

Magna Grecia Winery

A coffee at a traditional village coffee shop (Andritsaina village)

Short stop to taste local delicacies

Free time for shopping

  • The tour duration is approximately  7hours. No charge for any extra time used
  • The scheduled  meeting time will be 15 minutes after your embarkation time so that there is enough time to have a smooth tour
  • The ticket for EpikouriosApollon costs 4 euros per person. Children under the age of 18 can get inside for free
  • The tour is flexible so any adjustments the customer wants can be of course discussed on the way
  • Tickets for the temple  can be purchased in advance for you to save time not waiting in lines (upon request from the customer)
  • Tour guide is available for tour inside the Apollon temple ( optional with extra cost, upon request from the customer) (Please contact us for more details)
  • The transportation to all the  places of the described tour
  • Tour guide booklet for your exploration inside the EpikouriosApollon temple
  • Pick up  at the specified meeting point and drop off either at the same point or anywhere else you like
  • The Tickets to the Temple
  • The Tickets to the winery
  • Expenses for lunch, snacks, coffee’s, beverages and souvenirs
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