Katakolon – Chlemoutsi Tour


Chlemoutsi castle tour is the alternative tour for cruise passengers that have already visited the archaeological site of Olympia. Casltes lies on the top of the hill being surrounded by the houses of a small village called Kastro.

Chlemoutsi castle is a medieval fortress which was built in the early 1220s by the Crusader rulers of the Principality of Achaea and is perhaps the finest preserved fortress of Frankish rule period in Greece. The castle is located on a hill of 226 metres above sea level and comprises a central hexagonal keep. The castle is  preserved in its original 13th-century state, with only minor later modifications.

The baths baths of Kyllini are natural thermal baths which combine water and mud baths. Great opportunity to relax and revitalize

Panagia Vlacherna is an old monastery of the area being built 800 years ago. The building is well preserved keeping the character and the architecture of the old times while nowadays the nuns have mission to protect the poor  and elderly people.

Skafidia and Kourouta beaches are the most well known beaches of the area. Locals and tourists visit the clean waters and enjoy the sun, swim and a great lunch. This stop is highly recommended between June and August period